A little about the Health & Safety...

Health & Safety is something we take very seriously and we ensure we work fully within official guidlines as well as applying a common sense approach.


Every house is fully compliant with:

   Internal fire doors

   Emergency escape windows and latches

   Easy escape exterior door locks

   Easy escape bedroom door locks

   Exterior handrails

   Mains-powered linked heat and smoke detectors

   Carbon monoxide detectors

   Double glazing for added security

Our quarterly checks:

   Heat and smoke detectors


Our yearly checks:

   Gas safety checks

   Electrical safety checks

   PAT testing

All bedroom doors are fitted with locks to help comply with your personal belongings insurance. These locks comply with fire safety regulations.

A little about the Licences...

Our Brighton properties are fully licenced to comply with legislation applicable to Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) in the Lewes Road area of Brighton.